Many of our clients have been able to successfully convert custom made-to-measure and portable sheds into livable /habitable dwellings. This outcome is achieved by using our shed as a base and then converting it into a livable dwelling.

Getting Started
Planning the interior design aspects of the shed in advance is important to ensure that it is a comfortable, livable space. Insulation, internal lining and finishing such as boxing in the C-sections are a great place to start when you are designing your space.

​Ultimately you are in control of your design. Acting as an owner builder you source local designers to assist with the interior design and supply all finishing’s such as doors and windows to integrate into the design, giving you complete control over the end look of the dwelling.

​NOTE: Clients can take on as much control of their project as they like. MA Steel can offer a construction service to lock up stage only where the client completes the fitout, or we can arrange builders and carpenters to complete the project in its entirety with MA Steel as the Project Managers.

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